Working at Nord

Is writing code your passion? Are you an at least somewhat likeable person, who doesn’t turn up the nose to deadlines and working with customers? If you answered both questions with a “Yes”, you might have a future working at Nord! You don’t need to have a university degree – rock solid skills and the right kind of attitude are what matters.

Three reasons why you should apply to Nord:

1. You get to develop your skills and create new things

The employees at Nord have a lot of possibilities to develop their skills and influence their jobs. If you are prepared to take responsibility, you’ll get as much of it as you want. At Nord, you will also get the chance to create something completely from scratch using the latest technologies – you won’t be stuck working on the same project for multiple years (unless you want to…). Especially our development projects for startups and startup-like companies are great for doing new things.

2. You can say goodbye to spirit-crushing bureaucracy

We don’t spend time and energy dealing with meaningless bureaucracy or pretentious hierarchy. We deliver the best possible software on time to customers, and that’s about  it. Don’t get it wrong, everyday life at Nord is no cosy picnic; at times, the work pace can be brisk. However, Nord’s employees are not expected to endure unreasonable amounts of pressure. Our principle is flexibility when needed, going both ways. Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why we find it important to take good care of them.

3. You’ll get fantastic colleagues

At Nord, you’ll have brilliant colleagues, who are extremely skilled software development professionals, and will give you a hand with your work any time you need. Our staff incorporates both experienced veteran coders and newly graduated future stars. The working languages of our multicultural work community are Finnish and English.

Oh, and we have fun! In the game room, you’ll find foosball as well as the latest video games equipment. On Fridays, Nord offers beers to the whole staff.

Did we mention already that we are basically a bunch of nerds?

Open positions

Senior API developer

Searching for a boss-level API developer.

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React developers

We are searching for great React developers.

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Trainee program

Does this trainee ad look visually interesting? Nope. Is this ad informative? Definitely not. That’s because at Nord, we know only one thing: how to write code.

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